All the fully automatic scripts that will level up your farming skill and earn you coins. Supports a high amount of both basic and advanced farm designs.

Wart & Crops

Realistic scripts for automating hours of automatic farming with no downtime, working for a great number of various farm designs.

Pumpkin & Melon

Great option for both XP and money.


One of the best options for money, consistently high prices.

Cocoa Bean

Also a good choice for money.


The best crop to farm for XP by far.


Sugarcane is an okay middle ground between XP and money, but easy to get high scores in.


Scripts to maximize your combat level, complete quests, and earn lots of money with both beginner and end-game gear.


One of the most profitable scripts ever, going up to ~45 mil an hour at the best gear, but it needs very expensive gear.

Crypt / Rev Slayer

A fully AFK script that endlessly kills Ghouls with an incredibly smooth pathfinder & autowalker. Full failsafes, everything. Includes an option to automatically start/complete quests.

Zealot (Ranged)

A script that uses ranged weapons such as Juju & Precusor Eye to kill zealots at a much higher frequency than melee scripts.

Zealot (Melee)

A basic (still incredibly smooth) melee script that runs around the dragons nest (or brusier areas) killing Zealots.


Amazing for fresh accounts, simply runs around killing zombies in the graveyard.


Get to level 50 in Foraging in just a few days, no joke.

Park Foraging

Select your foraging area and endlessly autowalk around breaking trees at high speed. Supports rod swapping, autosell, failsafe, everything.

Hub Foraging

Downgraded version of the Park Foraging script, but it's a good start and nice for new accounts.

2x2 Island Foraging

The classic 2x2 island foraging script. Low XP rates but you keep your privacy whilst in your private island.


Both a vital skill as well as being a money maker at end-game gear.


Automatic fishing for water, lava, worm, etc. Supports autokilling, auto-selling, anti-afk, etc.

Fishing w Auto-Travel

Whilst the previous script is incredibly powerful, this script allows you to configure autowalking for specific areas in Skyblock so you can fully AFK fishing with failsafes.


Additional useful scripts outside of the large categories above.

Plot Cleaner

Fully AFK plot cleaner, which uses both walking and flying pathfinders to 100% clear each plot quickly for you.


Greatly increase your profit/hour by completing visitors inbetween rewarps.


The first macro you'd use when starting out, earning < 1m/h but only takes 10 mins to setup.


A speedy script that can take you from level 0 → 50 in just a few hours.



A fully automatic harp script, with no need to set a click delay like other mods.



With a failsafe, just AFK's in the spot. Useful for minions.

Mini Scripts / QOL

Secondary scripts or features that are just for some help with a particular task.

Fairy Souls

Directs you to the nearest (undiscovered) fairy soul.

Cocoa Placer

Vertically places cocoa - useful for building cocoa farms.

Crucial Features

If we named every feature and setting we had, this page would be way too long. So here are the most commonly asked for features.


Hydra Anti-Staff

By far the most advanced anti-staff out there. A system created by us called Hydra with the most check detections, hyper-realistic responses, and instant alerts. Simply unmatched.


Scripting Sessions

Taunahi has a spectacular unique feature: Sessions. For all scripting sessions, it will keep track of all statistics and events that happen, which you can look over in your dashboard to see total earnings, failsafes, screenshots and more.

Discord Integration

The most interactive and performant discord integration, giving you notifications, screenshots and hourly rates straight to your private discord channel.


Remote Control

Without additional setup, you can directly control your script either via your dashboard or via discord integration, without needing to be at your PC!


Humanized Movement

Despite what you might think, most other client's movement can be reverse engineered by the server to detect whether it is illegally simulated movement. Taunahi cannot, basing it's movement & rotation on things such as your mouse sensitivity, and other factors.


Beautiful Menu & HUD

Taunahi has by far the most beautiful HUD of any utility mod, along with an amazing, fluid, intuative menu that you can customise to your liking.


Statistics & Profit Calculator

Taunahi keeps track of your earnings, skill xp, scripting time and much more so you know exactly how much you make.



An amazing auto-sell which can sell to both NPC and Bazaar, depending on which is more profitable to your collected items.


Instant Anti-Stuck

Reliable anti-stuck, getting you out of blocks quickly and efficiently, no scuffed wiggle.



The most reliable failsafe out there. Handles all hub switches, disconnects, etc. Nothing more to be said.


Mouse Control

Numerous mouse features such as Mouse Lock, Block Checker, Tool Switcher, and more.



In the absence on teleport pads, Taunahi can automatically rewarp to your spawnpoint at the end of your farm with realistic movement.


Dynamic Rest

Create a life-like scripting sleep cycle of scripting to fulfil a legit activity cycle so you optimise your hours whilst staying under the radar.


Auto Direction

One of the many widespread features that originate from Taunahi, Auto-Direction, which automatically ensures you are looking the correct way before you start farming.



A unique feature for utility mods that provides a mode for an always on-top small window on your monitor. Great for if you want to do something else but keep watch.



A mode in which you can look at yourself in a sort of FreeView without your yaw/pitch changing, a great QOL feature in general.


Built-in Proxy Mod

Contains a built-in proxy mod with saved configs, which are very useful if you want to use on alts.


Hundreds of Settings

Over all the scripts and qol features, there are hundreds of customizable settings fit for you to play around with.


And so many more...

This page would be too long if we included every big feature, if you want to find out the rest, download it and have fun.