Edition 3.0

Edition 3.0

21st of November 2023


Upgraded Menu
Built upon the menu crafted in version 2.1, with new animations, themes, components & more.
Rebuilt HUD
The HUD has been re-imaged, to show off much more data such as your profit, XP, slayers & more.
Inventory Preview
Along with the new HUD, you can now see your inventory, and the items you have in it.
Added a new picture-in-picture feature, so that Minecraft is overlaid on top of your desktop at all times in a small window.
Spiral Perspective
Taunahi now has multiple perspective modes so you can see around you whilst scripting (and manually outside of it). Supports zoom via scroll wheel.
Rewritten Script Selection
Incredible new script selection design with different sections, script types, animated icons.
UI Themes
All users can now create their own themes, and share them with others.
New Setting Types
New setting types have been added to remove the need for annoying commands, such as rewarper & auto-direction.
Script Visuals
Many of our modules now show 3D visuals so you can better understand what is happening, such as auto-killer or fastbreak.
Taunahi now has no-render modes, which will disable portions of the game to improve performance.

Hydra Anti-Staff

Frame Perfect Responses
The new hydra system has an large array (and growing) number of human-like responses that are catered to each situation.
High Staff Activity Disconnects
Taunahi will now disconnect you from the server if it detects a high amount of staff activity.
Real Checks Tracker
Other clients use a unreliable API to show "bans". Taunahi uses its own system to track real checks, and will show you them per script.
More Detection Methods
Taunahi detects staff checks in a much more efficient way, and with significantly less false positives due to its new re-written design.
For All Scripts
Hydra is now available for all scripts, whether its farming, foraging, combat, etc, and will be enabled by default.
Backup Triggers
In the event of staff not using a explicit known check, Taunahi can detect any sudden large farming interruption and activate Hydra in the event of one.


Plot Cleaner
The new Plot Cleaner script will (fully AFK) clean up any plots from 0 to 100% in just a few minutes.
Dedicated Scripts
The introduction of dedicated Cactus, Mushroom & Cocoa scripts, along with Pumpkin/Melon getting being split into two modes.
Automatic Starting Direction
Farming scripts will automatically calculate in which movement direction they should run in.
Tool Switcher
Taunahi will now automatically switch to the correct tool for the crop you are farming.
Packet Limiter
For those with bad internet, Taunahi can now stop farming during lagspikes to prevent you from getting kicked.
Greatly increase your profit/hour by completing visitors inbetween rewarps.
Fully Automatic Auto-Direction
Auto-Direction now works fully automatically, with no need to set manual values unless you have a weird farm design.
Better Configured Rewarp
Rewarper now has its own dedicated section in the menu, giving you more control over how it works.
Fast-Break Re-Introduced
Fast-Break has been re-introduced natively into the client, with more control over how it works.
Wiggle-less Anti-Stuck
Taunahi can now detect stucks much quicker via both distance comparisons and packets, and is much more efficient to get you out of them.


Long awaited, the new Ghost script is finally here, with a proper failsafe, autowalking, autoheal, and more.
Zealot (Juju)
A brand new Zealot script has been manufactured, with high kill rates using the Juju method.
Zealot (Melee)
The Melee method is also available, and whilst it has the lowest kill rate, it is the most legit looking.
Crypt / Rev Slayer
The new Crypt / Rev Slayer script is here, being by far the most realistic and efficient slayer script on the market.
Zealot (Precursor)
Similar to the Juju method, the Precursor method is also available, with a slightly lower kill rate.
A simple Graveyard script has been added, great for new players.


Park Foraging
A new Park Foraging script has been added, with a high XP/h rate as you blend in with the crowd.
Multiple Areas
The park foraging script supports every tree area.
More Realistic 2x2
The 2x2 foraging script has been given lots more randomisation to make it look more realistic.
Auto Rod Swap
The park foraging script supports auto rod swapping for the best XP/h.
Hub Foraging
A alternative hub foraging script has been added for those with new profiles.


Taunahi's fishing scripts now have an autokiller, which will kill any mobs that you reel in or attack you.
The fishing scripts have been upgraded to be much more stable and work in most situations.
Fully AFK
By using the 'With Auto-Travel' script, you can setup locations to fish at, and Taunahi will travel to them in the event of a failsafe.
Optional Anti-AFK
The fishing scripts have been given a random anti-afk system, which will move your mouse as well as strafe every so often.


A cheap alchemy script that can get you from 0 to 50 in just a few hours.
Fairy Souls
A QOL feature to point you to the nearest fairy soul with an ESP. Useful for leveling up your Skyblock level.
A long requested simple macro, something to just failsafe you back. Useful for minions.

Discord Integration

Remote Control
Taunahi now has a remote control feature via discord integration, which allows you to control your client from your phone.
Optimised Notifications
Taunahi's notifications have been optimised to be much quicker, utilising screenshot lazy uploading.
Rich Presence (Optional)
Taunahi now optionally has Discord Rich Presence, which will show your current script, earnings, and more.

Dynamic Rest

Scattered Disconnects
Timers are lame, use dynamic rest to disconnect create a somewhat regular (randomised) disconnect pattern.
Supports All Categories
Dynamic rest supports all scripts that utilize failsafes, which means you can use it for farming, or foraging, or combat.
Highly Customisable
Customize your disconnect pattern to your liking, with a wide range of options.


Both Bazaar & NPC
Taunahi calculates which one would be the most profitable, and will sell to that one.
Works Anytime
Auto-Sell is smart. It won't just activate at the start of ΞΎ stage like bad clients, it will activate wherever and the script will know how to continue after.
Drops Runes & Stones
Taunahi will drop many 'trash' items such as runes and stones to make room for more valuable items. Useful for combat.

and more...

Unnamed Features
This page is just a summary. Additionally there are a large number of features that we haven't mentioned here.
More to come...
And there's even more to come in subsequent versions (3.1, 3.2, ...).